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International Sourcing

Amman Enterprises can source components from their International sourcing group any hard to find, obsolete and allocated parts from any part of the world through their associate offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, North America, UK, Germany and France within a very short time.

Buy Excess Inventory

Amman can buy your excess inventory lying anywhere in your warehouse. Amman will help you liquidate your excess inventory of electronic components.

Support your Prototype Development/Design/R&D Efforts

Amman can support you by supplying components for your R&D department, design, prototype development requirements. There is no minimum ordering quantity or value unless we have to buy the same exclusively for you.

We can do Kitting for you

We can consolidate all your requirements & shipments and supply the parts to you as a single shipment to help you reduce your cost in logistics.

We will be your dependable source in South Asia

Amman Enterprises will act as your buying house for all your requirements of electronic components from South Asia.

We specialize in AD, Intel, TI, ALTERA & ATMEL parts. We can fulfill your daily requirements of components by sourcing and quoting to you.

We can ship parts to anywhere in the world

Once your P.O is received and confirmed by us, we can ship the parts to you within 48 hours by Fedex/UPS/DHL or through any of your freight forwarders.

Independent Testing Services

We can do independent testing of your components for performance testing, evaluation, endurance testing by Indian Electronic Testing Labs like ETDC ( Electronic Test & Development Center) & CACT.

We can do Military qualifications of components and Aerospace/Avionics qualifications of components from Independent Testing Houses & Laboratories from USA/India/Singapore

Microprocessor Programming

We can do E-PROM & EE-ROM Programming and micro processing programming for 8085, 8086 etc.,


We support both DIP & SMD IC's, Transistors, Capacitors, Resistors etc.,

We can do third party packing from Bulk packing to Reel packing and vice versa within a very short time.




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